Services we provide

Assistance with Household Tasks

We, at Benedicte Healthcare Solutions, are licensed and trained to provide every kind of assistance to our clients with disabilities including household tasks. We help them in home maintenance, managing household trash, hanging pictures, changing light bulbs and many more.

In home cleaning and organising, our professional cleaners can assist you with all your cleaning and organising needs including washing dishes, tidying and arranging everything in order at your home and more.

Assistance with Daily Personal Activities

When doing your daily activities if you face any problem, our workers with relevant skill sets and qualifications including behaviour support are ready to help you to deal with little things, like grooming to other ongoing assistance. They provide assistance in dressing and grooming, cooking and preparing meals, handling laundry, bathroom assistance, medical assistance, mobility and even help you to stay healthy by giving you physical personal training.

Assistance with Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Performing everyday tasks with the help of reliable disability services enable you to live independently at home. You can easily carry out your daily tasks, such as cleaning the house or getting ready for the day with assistance from our caring and experienced professionals. We can also assist you with your daily tasks, providing you all the support to help you develop the skills you require to stay as independently as possible.

Assist With Life Stage Transition

We help our clients with disabilities to develop their daily living and life skills focussing on improving the activities undertaken by them to make them capable of living as autonomously as possible. Our experts will also support you to enable you to travel and make use of public transport independently.

Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment

At Benedicte Healthcare Solutions, we help the job seekers with disabilities to find the right employment and also in maintaining it. Our qualified staff also ensure the success of the people with disabilities in their job places with ongoing supports. Our employment professionals provide personalised support ensuring appropriate and effective support for each person.

Assistance with Travel and Transport

Going out and experiencing the outside world is an important part of independent living. Whether you need a doctor’s consultation, watch a movie or visit your friend, we can arrange for you convenient and safe transport to meet your needs.

Community Nursing Care

Having proper access to health professionals can make a difference at times of medical needs. We have highly qualified community health nurses, who work with patients with disabilities one-on-one and emphasize communities. They provide health education, community advocacy, abuse and neglect prevention, ensure a safe and healthy environment, policy reform and community development.

Development of Life Skills

Benedicte Healthcare Solutions provides training to promote confidence and independence in multiple areas of your life. Our life skill training including healthy eating, personal hygiene, exercise and more enables people with disabilities to look better, feel better, improve quality of life and promote long-term health.